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Kraken’s Ryker Evans A Step In The Right Direction

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner. That’s the consensus opinion on Kraken rookie defenseman Ryker Evans.

According to an informal poll of three scouts and a national Canadian media prospect expert, Evans is projected as a bona fide, talented two-way 2nd pair defenseman. Taking it up a notch from there would be all up to him.

One doesn’t have to look very far to find the benchmark for a young, 20-something, lefty D-man on top of his game. That would be 24-year-old Norris Trophy favorite Quinn Hughes just up the road with the Vancouver Canucks.

While Evans doesn’t have that level of evasive skating ability, he does have other similar characteristics. He can move the puck, carry the puck and isn’t afraid to fire it.

Notably, Hughes wasn’t too happy with his own shooting/scoring ability and was determined to improve that part of his game starting last season. It’s paid off.

Of course, Evans will work to improve elements of his game as well. By the way, he’s 22-years-old, two inches taller and ten pounds heavier than Hughes. He also brings more grit.

We’ll stop the comparisons for now, as they’re unfair. As it stands, “bona fide” 2nd-pair D-man is where Evans slots, keeping in mind he’s been filling in for the Kraken’s top pair lefty Vince Dunn since the latter’s been out due to injury.

A 22-year-old with excellent skating ability and potential upside is a good problem to have. Dunn and Evans would be a nice 1-2 punch.

Evans should be just one part of a roster transition the Kraken need to start making in a couple of positions.

On that note, one of the club’s “top 3 prospects” coming out of Development Camp last summer, winger Ryan Winterton, was called up Monday along with 21-year-old undrafted center Logan Morrison.

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Rob Simpson

Rob Simpson has covered the NHL in five different decades. He’s authored 4 books on hockey and is a veteran TV and radio play-by-play man and reporter.
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