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1 Game To Watch For Kraken Fans – Red Wings At Golden Knights

Kraken Hopes

What a difference one night could make for Kraken fans.

A little after 7 pm pacific on Saturday night, the Red Wings will visit the Golden Knights. Both teams have plenty to play for in their respective conferences, with Detroit having lost four in a row and clinging to a wild card spot in the east, while Vegas has also lost four games in a row, but has a bit more breathing room in the west.

Should Vegas win on home ice, they would move eight points ahead of the Kraken in the standings with their next stop being Seattle on Tuesday night. That means, even if the Kraken win the head-to-head game in three nights, they’d trail the Golden Knights by six points again. That’s where they stand in the wild card race as this is being typed.

If Seattle loses Tuesday, we officially say bye-bye. Some of us have already.

However, should the Red Wings prevail and the Kraken beat the Golden Knights on Tuesday, Seattle would be four points back of Vegas with a game in hand.

That definitely allows for a glimmer of hope.

That is the only time frame and perimeter Seattle fans should be concerned with at this time. Yes, the team needs to hop past the Blues and the Flames, presently tied with the Kraken, but none of that matters.

Start rooting for Patrick Kane, Alex DeBrincat, and Jeff Petry.

Vegas is the focus, knowing the Nashville Predators are now ten points ahead of Seattle for the first wild card and won’t be caught, and the LA Kings are eight points ahead of the Kraken in third place in the Pacific Division.

Pick the lowest hanging fruit, and right now that only possibility is Vegas.

Not easy. One gets the sense the defending Stanley Cup champions will not be going down easily, particularly considering that even banged up, they have a much deeper roster than the Blues, Flames and Kraken.

But … a hopeful scenario does exist for a Seattle fan, and it’s really the only one they have right now if this team were to surprise the NHL by leaping into a playoff spot having traded away their 2nd-line center and having its best defenseman on the shelf.

By the way, that said, Vince Dunn could be back for Tuesday night.

Enjoy the Hockey Action!!

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Rob Simpson

Rob Simpson has covered the NHL in five different decades. He’s authored 4 books on hockey and is a veteran TV and radio play-by-play man and reporter.
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