Seattle Kraken, Jaycob Megna

Seattle Kraken And A Megna Slight Of Hand

They got me! When I first saw the deal the Seattle Kraken made, I looked up Jayson Megna. That’s right, Jaycob’s brother.

Very large blueliner Jaycob was acquired by the Seattle Kraken on Sunday from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for a 4th-round 2023 draft pick. The Kraken had two of them.

So, when you have well known National Hockey League brothers that have distinguished themselves in entirely different ways, like the Staals for example, Eric winning a Cup in Carolina, Jordan winning a couple with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and defenseman Marc playing a solid career mostly with the New York Rangers, it’s easy to keep them apart.

To a lesser degree, and a bit more difficult to differentiate as an example, might be the McGinn brothers. It can be a challenge, particularly for a casual fan. There’s left wing Brock, who presently plays for the PIttsburgh Penguins, then Jamie, also a left wing, who played more than 600 NHL games and retired a few years ago. There was also Tye McGinn, yet another left wing who played many fewer NHL games and retired even earlier.

There are plenty of brother combos that have graced the NHL.

Which brings us to the Megnas, of which there are only two. They’re from Florida, which might explain some oddities.

(Oh my, the Florida bashing. I get it, I worked in news there for a year).

Just so you know, because I’m going to dangerously presume most of you don’t, Jayson, recently turned age 33, is a right-shot forward who has played 23 games this season for the Anaheim Ducks. He has consistently shuttled between the NHL and the American Hockey League during the entire course of his eleven year professional career.

Jaycob, the newest member of the Seattle Kraken organization, a left-shot defenseman, age-30, looks just like his brother, although a bit thicker. OK, a lot thicker. He’s 6-foot-6 and 220 pounds while older bro’ is 6-foot-1 and 195. He has consistently shuttled between the NHL and the American Hockey League during the entire course of his nine year professional career.

Together they’re Jay Jay. Would you like to know what their dad’s name is?


Apparently some sort of twisted narcissist. I kid. I’m sure he’s lovely, just ask his wife Jayceena.

I kid again. Her name is Jacqueline, but that’s pretty damn close.

The dad’s name really is Jay.

Pre-Seattle Kraken Cred’s

Here’s a fun one, Jay and Jay played together for one season at the University of Nebraska – Omaha. Jaycob ended up playing there for three years. I assuming they didn’t share the same nickname.

During his career, Jaycob, we’re talking about the newest Seattle Kraken here, has only played 135 NHL games in almost a decade of pro hockey. He started with the Anaheim Ducks, their 7th-round NHL Draft pick in 2012. It’s the team Jayson plays for now.

Confused? You won’t be, until they potentially play each other on March 7th and again on March 30th at Climate Pledge Arena. I’m sure if it happens it’ll be fun for the announcers.

Keep in mind, Jaycob’s not replacing anyone. He’s a depth acquisition for now. A big one, as in size, something the overall Kraken lack just a bit.

Seattle Kraken GM Ron Francis just added a beast on the back-end.

That would be Jaycob. Don’t call him Jay, and definitely don’t call him Jayson.

Rob Simpson

Rob Simpson has covered the NHL in five different decades. He’s authored 4 books on hockey and is a veteran TV and radio play-by-play man and reporter.